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The Dot Cotton Club Journal

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Just a note Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 05:04 pm
Dot Cotton is now 18+


The Count down has started Sep. 25th, 2004 @ 01:27 pm
Less than 9 Hours to go now till the Dot officially reopens......

need to get more members on the board :(


Re-Opening Aug. 25th, 2004 @ 02:21 pm
Hooray, The club reopens this saturday @ 10pm, tickets £5 advance or £6 on the door

See you all then

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Big Brother Jul. 16th, 2004 @ 06:20 pm
Wow, our very own DJ Nana has just appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother..............

Go Steve!!!!!

Jul. 4th, 2004 @ 12:03 pm
*** Taken from the Dot Cotton Message Board ***

It looks like we will be having a "warm up" event at the junction on August 28th. The "official" re opening night for the Dot is 25th September.

The club has had some major work and we will be doing a sort of "test" night on August 28th with our residents. So Myself and Nana will be in the main room and Felicity will be in the new cabaret bar.

Details of tickets etc to follow.

On a lighter note I am not one for gossip normally, but can anyone confirm the rumour that Felicity Flappes was seen emerging from a bush at a certain Peterborough lorry park IN FULL DRAG with a nasty substance on her chin !!

------ ERM?
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Other entries
» Dot Cotton Reopening
*** Copied from the Dot Cotton Board ***

Well we now have the "official" date for re opening. It will be Saturday 25th September 2004. Resident DJ's Chris G and Nana will be there along with Felicity Flappes and special Guest Pixie Perez in the cabaret bar.

The main room will feature a PA from probably the biggest name in dance music in Europe. Flying in from Belgium they will be performing their 4 top ten hits, Alone, Surrender, Pray and Someone, They are :


There is a very good chance that there will be a "warm up" Dot cotton night at the Junction on August 28th. This will be a low key affair with DJ's only and we will be giving away a shed load of free tickets. This does depend on the building work being finished. This is why the "official" opening night will be September 25th.

See you soon

Chris G
» hypocritical or what
borrowed from the dot cotton message board (rolls eyes)

I've been coming to the Dot Cotton for about 7 years and praise the lord that this is the last one for six months. After waiting to get in the club for 30mins, then queing for the cloak room and then the bar - so total time = over an hour (also some tall drag queen gets let in by the door staff and jumps the que as " she (he) is a regular) WELL SO ARE WE ALL!) Get in the club and find that most people are straight and that even more straight women keep asking my us if we are straight. An hour later we que for our coats and chat to two drunk woman in the line..... turns out that they are 15!!!!!!! Dot Cotton needs to replaced by something new for the GAY community not the gym slip, piercings, alternative striaght crowd. Dot Cotton was good for the 90's but not the 00's. Looking at the situation around the Junction which will include an "out of town" cinema/bar in september the stright crowd will come out of a film/pizza hut wanting a late drink into the Dot..............

cheeky bugger:

what did make me laugh were the next two responses:

Well what a positive message this is !!! We have discussed the straight issue before. What would you do then ?? You seem to have compaints about everything but absolutely NO ANSWERS apart from the "Dot should be replaced" !! By what ? If you think it is so bad then why not set something up yourself. I am sure you could find a venue that will give you a Saturday night that holds over 1000 people. I am sure you will work your ass off marketing and promoting to fill the place up, etc etc etc

Queing will happen if a club is popular. There is not much we can do about it. The refurb will include a new bigger cloakroom (so less queing) a new bar which will be bigger (so less queing), a new box office area (so less queing) etc. We are addressing the problems and are trying to make the club a better place for everybody.

The dot cotton has always been, and always will be (as long as I am the promoter) a gay club. It is advertised as a gay club and is KNOWN as a gay club. Perhaps we should f**k people on the way in, to check if they are gay or not!! Gay people are meant to be tolerant, intelligent people and not bigoted against clothing, age, sexuality, like you seem to be. Just because people don't fit your idea of the type of people that should be in the club does not mean that they shouldn't be there.

Posted by Chris G

We read this, but did not think it worth a response

hope we dont see you in September

Posted by DJ Nana

Well I think that told him.

» The First Entry
As I am the new moderator of the community I am gonna make the first post:

Welcome to the Dot Cotton Cambridge Community, the community is for bloggers who attend the Dot Cotton Club in Cambridge...... This is in no way supposed to replace the club message board but more to have a personal level attached to it.

All peeps can post but I have got moderators access so don't be surprised if it takes a wee time for ur entry to appear.

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